Tool not working as expected

Let’s say I am working in one branch and add particular components from my codebase, then switch to master branch and trying to connect I see this(see screenshot). Why does it happen? What should be a normal flow in such case? It more often feels like this tool should be in BETA for at least one more year or something, sorry.

Why is there a close option if nothing happens and the same modal pops up again? :smile:

Hi, let me know if this helps:

This is helpful, but branching I think is more what I was searching for. But as I see it must be requested additionally from Plasmic team

This is because the Timer component that was on your branch is not available on master, so when you switch to master, your app host is no longer providing that component to Plasmic. Since Plasmic is just running in your app, and doesn’t have a copy of your code components, there’s no way for Plasmic to continue letting you use that component once it’s not available.

I understand that and see it as a caviat, because first time collaborators could very easily erase the progress made by someone

@hardy_bat Ah just to clarify - as long as you don’t switch your project to an app host that is no longer providing a certain component, then you should not see that prompt. Generally, you should not need to change the app host URL on your main ‘production’ project that all collaborators are working on.