"Top stack locked, layout menu inaccessible"

If the top stack in a component is locked, I can still e.g. change it to a grid by using the menu in the layout section…


Hi @rear_vole! Locking an element makes it not a target for editing in canvas (prevents selecting / resizing it in canvas), but it still allows editing the element styles in the right pane (e.g., by selecting it in the left tree and editing the styles on the right)

@victor is this intentional? Seems weird that you can edit it when it is locked… It is not obvious to me that the lock only applies to the canvas…

Thanks for the feedback, it’s indeed confusing. The main purpose of this feature is to prevent common mistakes in canvas such as: dragging and dropping elements inside the wrong container, selecting the inner element when the parent is usually the intended target, etc; instead of not allowing the element to be modified at all

ok. my use for this is to prevent people from modifying component. we have less experienced people adding content, and we have had cases where they double-click in and change the component instead of e.g. properties unintentionally… The current functionality kind of covers it, but they would be able to double-click into a component and e.g. change color in the side-panel, so it is not fully covering it… I would have liked it better if it was a full edit block


You can also configure which components are editable or insertable for content creators