Triggering click & double click on same element in Studio.

Is there a reliable way to implement on click AND on double click on the same element in Studio? Or even a long press? Right now whenever I double click, a click gets triggered first.

No :pensive: double click will always fire a single slick first, since the browser can’t know if you’re going to double click or not and it will not hold back the single clock event

Any hopes for a long press then?

I managed to implement long press using Mouse Up and Mouse down events, making use of a state variable and JS function.

It works quite well but now I am held hostage by the page data state variables section which no longer allows me to delete or rename state variables

this happens regardless of whether I am using or


I can create a new thread in issues if needed

Actually, I’ll go ahead and do that so it doesn’t all fall on you :slightly_smiling_face: