Trying to add a website builder to my product

Hi everyone. Great to join the community and happy to work along with you.

I am trying to build a website builder from for my product. Just trying to understand where to start. Would really like to have my thoughts aligned.

Is it good to start from scratch or can i integrate plasmic to do that.

Hi @fantastic_cuckoo! You can integrate plasmic with your existing NextJS codebase - see our NextJS quickstart:

Regarding the other question

But can i integrate the plasmic’s own editor tool into my app and use it?
You can do it as well! We do it with app-hosting, which allows your app to register your own existing React components and use them in Studio - see our Code Components documentation:

Thanks a lot @inclined_boar

So we need to use to access our components?

Do you mean when editing your Plasmic project? If so yes, the projects are available at (including the app-hosted projects)

Hmmm. Noted @inclined_boar . Let me put this way, i want to implement the website editor(studio) in my react app, so that my customer can create websites from my app. Is there a way, i can use plasmic for this? To put it in simple, can i use the plasmic studio tools in my react app?

Hi @fantastic_cuckoo, feel free to DM me if you want to discuss white label licensing partnerships

Sure @yang :blush:

I chanced upon grapejs recently, it didn’t fit my use case like Plasmic does but you might want to check it out . It seems geared toward being embedded within a larger app.

@yang interested in the white label too

@warm_swallow Yes Jay. Thanks a lot. I am aware of GrapeJS as well. It fits 70% of our requirement. Hence i am venturing out for other options as well.