Trying to understand Plasmic - can it work with Wordpress?

I am still trying to conceptually wrap my mind around what plasmic is and what it does and how it might be useful … quick question, is there a way to use it with wordpress? in other words, could one design in the plasmic builder and then use the outputted code for a wordpress theme?

Hi Florian,
My favourite one-liner for Plasmic is that it is a visual page builder that integrates with your code. If you’ve ever used a no-code tool somewhere and felt like “I wish I could code this part” Plasmic helps you with that, amongst other things.

Yes, you can use Plasmic and WordPress with WP serving as your data source. You can visually build your pages and pull in your data from WP using our WP data Fetcher in Plasmic.

I’m not sure how WP themes but if you can take a project from a GitHub repository and turn that into a WP theme, then you can probably turn your Plasmic design into a WP theme as well. Just by Publishing the Plasmic project to Github and doing whatever else you want with it from there.