Tutorial guide disappeared at data query step.

Tried running through the new “app in 5 minutes” tutorial and the tutorial guide sort of disappears at the data query step. All I see is the flashing red box, but no more tooltip suggesting what to do next.

Hi Dave, sorry for the issue it should be working now.

Hi Felipe, thanks for the update. I got further in the tutorial this time, but it’s now hanging here:

Ah, disregard. I had inadvertently added two table components, and when I set the data source on the second one the tutorial continued.

Ok, so I made it all the way through the tutorial (very useful!) and then after publishing I get a 404 when I try to launch the site at https://tutorial-g1fl-nqdy.plasmic.run/. Not the end of the world as I got what I needed, but I’m guessing this isn’t the intended behavior. Additionally, the first time I clicked it, it took me away from the rest of the tutorial since it opened in the same tab. I’d suggest a _blank for opening the site link so you don’t lose where you were in Studio.