Tutorials for using Supabase Auth, CRUD, etc.

Hi I think it would be hugely beneficial if you can show us how to use the Supabase Auth, CRUD, and all its possibilities

also such as how to subscribe to realtime

Hi, we are definitely interested in creating more tutorials around this area. For now, the closest thing is the tutorial in the supabase docs:


Have you gone through that already? It shows a demo of using Supabase Auth and CRUD

Hi @yang thank you for replying. I only see query in your link, don’t see anything about Auth or CRUD. Hope you can make more tutorials on it

The tutorial content only covers querying, but the project and code base show auth and updates/deletes / creates as well

Hoping the integration would be more seamless and more documented, especially the CRUD and auth for supabase, that would open many doors to alot of people. Please release more tutorials, I think alot of people would want to see how you ship features of plasmic using plasmic, as well :laughing:

Absolutely @invisible_wolverine - our foundations for both auth and data operations are going through some overhauls at the moment, exactly with the aim of letting you rapidly build such apps with no/low code (as opposed to the current approach which definitely requires a lot of dev elbow grease). Thanks for the feedback and for following along with our progress in the meantime.