Two projects on same domain sharing codebase.

Is it possible to have two “projects” share the same codebase and each deal with different pages on the same domain?

The reason I ask it that we have “Sales Pages” and a “Website”

They are both on the same domain and they share components, however, I feel like I would like to be able to split these so we can update content on different schedules. For example I may have someone working on page and then also publish another page with a small content update but not push all updates.

I just wondered what the options are here and what you would suggest are some approaches when we do not have page-level publishing?

Yes that’s fine, and in fact this is a common way to break up a single site into multiple different units scalably, so that each project can be managed and published independently

If the different pages share components, you can have a third project that is a common design system project which the other projects import

Thanks for the reply @yang. How would I go about splitting the project and sharing the codebase?

Any advice would be appreciated please @yang

could you point us to the project and how you want to divide it up?

Hi @chungwu, the project is kGM64kG9nX6Qx4pnQbike3. I would like to split like so please:

  1. Redirects - I have some redirects that we use to maintain pretty urls and set url_source parameters that redirect to some sales pages we have (there may be a better way to do this)
  2. Sales Pages/Order Confirmation - These are landing pages we use as part of our Sales Funnel
  3. Main Website
    We would like to share the same codebase across all. The main advantage would be organisation and meaning we could public updates to those pages at different points.

We would also like to use the same domain and not have subdomains if possible.


Hi @chungwu Just wondered if you had a chance to look a this please?

ah sorry I missed this. Which pages are the sales / order confirmation pages?

also, is it possible to have these point to a publicly-accessible custom host, so I can make sure they’re rendering correctly?