Type Errors when using override props from the parent component

One of the best aspects of Plasmic (codegen) is the ease of composition.

Lets say I have a component called Header
and it has an element/component called Avatar

Lets say the < Header > is called in another component called DashboardLayout.

I don’t need to have an onClick for example inside of the Header.tsx file and pass down a handler fn to the Header component

I can simply use the override prop for the element in question:
< Header avatar={{ onClick: handleAvatarClick }} /> inside of DashboardLayout.tsx where the < Header > is called.

so far so good. I have the logic in place where I want it.

But nowadays, I get a Type error every time I do that.
It still works. But I need to //@ts-ignore above this override prop!

Are you aware of this?
This has been bugging me for a while now.

Hi, in general those overrides are intended to be performed by using the PlasmicHeader component, as you have full freedom/ease to update the Header file to match the expected usage in your codebase, but thanks for bringing it up, we will be evaluating it