TypeScript error from adding props to codegen interface

Good morning everyone.

I’m having a problem with some code components in Plasmic and I couldn’t find anything talking about it.

I need to pass some functions, by parameter, to a component.

The file “components/TestemonialSlider.tsx” imports a component from the file “components/plasmic/apoiase_home/PlasmicTestemonialSlider.tsx” and passes a parameter called “slideBullet” containing an object that has two functions and a number. The component “PlasmicTestemonialSlider” by in turn, import a component from the file “components/SlideBullet.tsx” and pass these parameters to this component.

The “SlideBullet” component is typed with the interface below:

export interface SlideBulletProps extends DefaultSlideBulletProps {
    handleCarroussel: (direction: string) => void,
    currentSlider: number,
    setCurrentSlider: (value: number) => void,

The error returned is this one:

Type '{ handleCarroussel: (direction: string) => void; currentSlider: number; setCurrentSlider:
(value: number) => void; withArrow?: SingleBooleanChoiceArg<"withArrow"> | undefined;
... 8 more ...; root: { ...; }; }' is not assignable to type '"Unexpected extraneous props"'.

Could someone help me with this problem, please?

@victor, I was told to tag you in this message because they believe you could help me with this. Could you help us with this, please?

hi @delighted_cardinal! could you share how you’re passing those args?

Sorry for the delay in responding. But the problem has been resolved. Anyway, thanks for your availability.