Unable to access app published on Plasmic due to ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED error

I’d like to publish a test app to the plasmic cloud, but I’m unable to access the app once published:
Plasmic studio says it’s published successfully, but I get a ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED error when I load up the URL in my browser.

I’m thinking most likely my company’s VPN or ZScaler is blocking the tunnel connection. I don’t have permissions to update the zscaler or VPN settings. What can I do about it?

I see the published app when I open it in the browser.

That isn’t very helpful. Do you have any idea how to solve the issue? I wanted to build an app for use by company employees

cc: @fmota

Hi, it’s hard to suggest a solution for you, as we can’t pinpoint exactly the issue that you have, as Sarah mentioned we are able to access the published app, but as you pointed the error that you are receiving could be caused by your VPN or ZScaler, if you could provide a more detailed error or scenario that it doesn’t work, for example what is blocking the tunneling, if you are able to access the page outside the VPN, we could then help you

Thanks, Felipe.
I found that it works with my VPN disconnected, so it seems like it’s the VPN (paloalto GlobalProtect), not ZScaler

here is the HAR file


Yes, from this HAR file it’s possible to see that the connection wasn’t established, there is not much that we can do if it’s an issue on your end, are you able to know why https://gsm-knowledge.plasmic.run/ is being blocked? For example, is everything from *.plasmic.run blocked ?

Most likely. Do you have another plasmic.run URL I can test it with?

Hi, you can test with https://hello-world.plasmic.run/