Unable to create props at page level due to modal appearing underneath

Hello everyone,

I’m having issues creating a prop at the page level. When I click create prop it seems like there’s a modal trying to open behind.

This is happening for any pages and other plasmic projects.

I tried refreshing and same issue

Ping on this, y’all - we have 3 people on our team experiencing this currently

rolling out a fix!

Curious what kind of props you are creating for a page?

Awesome thanks! Just responded to your DM

But we’re using this for dynamic routes, fetching CMS data at build time and injecting them into the page

If there’s a better way to achieve this I’m all ears

hmm curious how you’re using the props in the page designed in Plasmic? They’re not available when you’re designing the page right? Are you just using them “blind” with dynamic expressions? Or are you passing in react elements through those props and just rendering them in the page?

In plasmic studio we define the props with dummy values so that we can design everything around real-looking content.

They’re all basically primitives and a few objects (iterable arrays)

here’s an example:

Is that what you’re asking? Not sure if I understood the question

Ah got it, thanks!

(should be fixed now)

Yes, it’s fixed on my end. Thanks!