Unable to delete integrations in Plasmic.app UI

I am trying out plasmic.app and I can’t seem a find a way in the UI to delete Integrations. I thought maybe I didn’t have the option to delete an integration if it was used somewhere but I created a “To delete” integration without any uses and I still don’t see any option to delete it.

Hello @exceptional_deer. You can right click the integration you would like to delete in the Workspace page and there you will find the option to delete it

duh, sorry I thought I tried that


Just something I observed about the UX though because Projects and Integrations both are presented in rows but act differently
For instance:
On “Projects”
• clicking project row takes you to that project
• there is a three dot menu that does other actions
• right clicking does nothing
On “Integrations”
• clicking on the row opens the edit
• there is no 3 dot menu
• right clicking opens a menu with 2 other actions.
• There is pencil icon but that seems to the same as clicking anywhere else on the row

I agree with you that it is currently kind of a weird UX! Gonna pass this feedback to the team

I wasn’t expecting the right click do anything because in the other parts the admin(as opposed to design parts?) it seems not to

but in general I find the UX of plasmic very good. Super intuitive!

another part of the UX that has a “secret right click” to delete the integration; there is an edit menu, but not a meatball menu to get to it or any mouse indication that there is any right click ability