Unable to detect @plasmicapp/react-web with P

Hey, I can’t sync my Plasmic project with codegen because I’m getting the error: Could not detect installed version of @plasmicapp/react-web using unknown: Error: Command failed: npm list --json @plasmicapp/react-web

This seems to be because we are working in a monorepo with PNPM, which according to the file cli/src/utils/npm-utils.ts is not supported.
The missing piece of code to support PNPM could looks something like this:

if (pm === "pnpm") {
  const output = execSync(`pnpm ls --json ${pkg}`)
  for (const line of output) {
    const info = JSON.parse(line);
    if (
      info?.name === `${pkg}` &&
      !info?.dev && // Remove this line if you want to include dev dependencies
      !info?.optional // Remove this line if you want to include optional dependencies
    ) {
      return info.version;

The installUpgrade function is also missing support for PNPM.

I’ll send you a DM to help you with it