Unable to drill down into JSON response

why can’t I drill down into the JSON response? I need a specific value within the response, not the whole response

This is a cached value, if it’s currently undefined it means that we don’t have a cached value currently, we don’t run your HTTP Post as this could have side effects that it wouldn’t be desired by you if it runs without your consent, if you trigger you http post from the artboard or from the play button, you should then be able to see values there

I don’t have a “run” button there

That’s weird, I don’t think this is an unreleased feature, can you check if interacting with the button in the artboard in interactive makes the value cache ? To find interactive mode, you can go to focus mode by hitting M, then it will have a switch to turn the artboard interactive

how do I check if it caches the value?

If it appears in the steps it means it’s cached, are you still running into issues ?

ooh ok, it’s not there in interactive mode either (I clicked M and navigated to the button actions). I’m not having problems, I used documentQuery, but I know this API. It could be a bit harder to find the values for the ones I don’t know much about and I’d like to see that in the no-code interface. Thank you Felipe, really appreciate all your help!

Ohh, sorry I think my explanation was a bit vague, if turn on the switch of the interactive mode, then you can directly click on things in the art board, so you could click in your button/element and your operation would run, once the operation runs you should be able to drill into the data picker (this is the UI from your first message). The data that you see in the data picker is the cached value, which is simply the return of the last time this integration was used. But remember to turn off the switch so that you can go back into editing your project

Ok, I can see the value after I go back to edit mode, yes

so it seems to be cached

If you press M again, you should be able to go back to design mode, :neutral_face: we need to improve our docs to explain there this different modes of the studio

yes, i meant design mode, where i can edit stuff

You can look for some explanation of the differences here https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/design-mode/