Unable to get dynamic routes to work in Next.js


I’m hoping someone can help me understand an issue I’m having with dynamic pages. I’m fairly sure I have it set up correctly, however when I render the page using NextJS, the parameter is undefined inside the data component.

uid as passed to useFetchBlogPost is undefined

I can’t share it all, but basically I’m calling this:


This generates the correct meta object

And I’ve made sure that the dynamic value is hooked up to $ctx.params.slug in the Plasmic editor

This is the blog post component


The root provider is inside _app as there are some shared components on every page

How does PlasmicComponent actually get the page parameters?

I’m super lost, I tried a few different things.

Hi @better_mockingbird! Your page params are in pageMeta.params. The way to pass them so $ctx.params.slug works is to use <PlasmicRootProvider pageParams={pageMeta.params} /> . See this example: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/nextjs-quickstart/#auto-load-all-plasmic-pages

If for some reason you can’t use PlasmicRootProvider when you have the pageMeta (I’m not sure what’s your setup), you can use PageParamsProvider (from @plasmicapp/host) instead, like:

<PageParamsProvider params={pageMeta.params}>
  <PlasmicComponent component={pageMeta.displayName} />

I’m pretty sure I tried that, but will try again with your specific example

Ok so looking at the react tree, there are two PageParamsProvider’s

This one has undefined params

This one is rendered inside the BlogPost component

If I remove the explicit PageParamsProvider, all the tree is left with is the first example, which is undefined

Here is my workaround:

What I don’t understand is why uid isn’t populated with the value when it is set up to do that in the editor?