Unable to get form field value using Next.js and Plasmic CodeGen: form.value is undefined. Works on preview, not on app

I have been struggling to make a simple form work … more than 10 hours trying to solve it :confused:

I am using Plasmic CodeGen on a app created by plasmic.

On a new Page I inserted a “form” simplified (with default name/message fields) and attached a console.log event handler … when we run in Plasmic Preview it works, but in Next.js app it gives “form.value” is undefined.

I suppose Plasmic form should work in Next.js via codegen with no changes/provisions… ?

Here is a image of form with correct handler printing message field contents on console:

Here same page rendered on Next app: cant manage to get field value. form.value is undefined, when I log form is prints as “Proxy”.

Thanks for any tips!

Hi, would you mind sharing a link to your plasmic project? And do you have the repo that is created for it as well? Did you use create-plasmic-app or GitHub push?


This project was created by github push (not 100% sure here).

This is a test page:

For this studio page: