Unable to get Strapi on localhost working with Plasmic?

I am trying to connect strapi to plasmic. I am able to get text and heading data to plasmic. But the image does not show even though the component is present in strapi. This is the api details exposed at strapi end {“data”:[{“id”:1,“attributes”:{“Heading”:“5 Coldest Places In India You Can Escape To Right Now To Beat The Heat”,“createdAt”:“2022-12-05T08:29:59.973Z”,“updatedAt”:“2022-12-05T08:30:01.051Z”,“publishedAt”:“2022-12-05T08:30:01.047Z”}}],“meta”:{“pagination”:{“page”:1,“pageSize”:25,“pageCount”:1,“total”:1}}}
I have given permissions to public user for getcomponents and other permissions avavilable in strapi.I can see the heading created at, published at, and updated at in Plasmic but unable to see image field and also at strapi at localhost:1337/api/heading-sections; Is there a permissions or some other issue?

Can you check your network tab in the Chrome developer tools to see if there are any cors issues or other errors/warnings?