Unable to open our project

Hi team, when I try to access our project in plasmic the console show the follow errors:

Hi! Sorry for the noise but these shouldn’t impact the editor… Are you seeing an issue when using the editor?

We’re having this problem, when we try to open our project, it keeps loading and doesn’t open

Studio does not seem to open this project (stuck loading), or any of its previous duplicate copies…Other projects seem to work fine.

Not able to open any projects in Plasmic. Was working yesterday. Now I just see the loading 3 vertical bar that are animated. Screenshot of what I see.

Other projects open and based on the error in the console: “Uncaught (in promise) it: Value must not be undefined or null- Plasmic Components Registry not found” makes me think it is associated with Code Components?

We’re working on it; sorry about that!

Thanks for the update!

It should be fixed now. Can you test it?

@icaro project loaded and seemed to be fixed. Thank you for fixing it!