Unable to open project.

I’m also getting this same error as of this morning in my project. Same problem - I can’t open the project

Screenshot (34).png

yes that’s right, but some projects that don’t import antd can still open. and unfortunately I’m being pressed for time to publish

Same here. I’ve got some UI amends I need to do today but I don’t think I can do them until the issue is fixed…

Sorry; we’re on it and should release a fix soon.

thanks brother everything is working normally now @tiago

I’m seeing a couple variations on this theme, with these messages:

Unexpected error
Error: get /plume-pkg failed: Internal Server Error


Error: get /projects/{PROJECT_ID} failed: Internal Server Error

My projects have all gone unchanged for 2-5 weeks, but now they all throw one of those two errors and I can’t open them. Happy to share more info if helpful.

Hi @famous_bison, those ones are a different error, which we deployed a fix for - let me know if that clears it up for your projects!