Unable to remove email address from workspace.

Hey Plasmic team! I am running into a time sensitive issue, I’m hoping someone can assist me with. :pray::skin-tone-3:

I was the workspace owner for several of my team’s websites. I have recently transferred their sites to their new workspaces, each owned by their respective project lead.

The issue I’m experiencing is being unable to remove my email from their new workspace, as I no longer need access. However, Plasmic thinks I’m still the owner of the websites (or at least that is what the error code says when I try to remove me). Next to my name, though, it does not say owner.

I have to find a resolution by the end of day tomorrow. :see_no_evil:

Hi, no problem, we can help you with this! Can you share your plasmic organization ID or url to help at plasmic.app?

@modest_mouse What is the organization ID? Where can I find it? And to clarify, you want the org ID I’m transferring ownership from?

Oops sorry, actually I just realized I might not fully understand… just to clarify, what is the situation?

Are there a specific set of plasmic projects where you are trying to remove yourself as the owner? Or are you trying to remove yourself from workspaces/organizations?