Unable to replace Plasmic logo favicon

Hello - I’m trying to replace the plasmic favicon with my site’s favicon using the script as shown in https://forum.plasmic.app/t/changing-favicon-for-plasmic-hosted-sites/4137 but it is not working. Is there an updated script for this? The site is https://hsl.center - if you do a view source, you can see that my script is there, but the favicon still shows the plasmic logo. Any ideas?

Hi @coherent_piranha! Does it work if you replace

link.href = '<<https://gupublic.s3.amazonaws.com/HSLC/HSLCfavicon.ico>>';


link.href = '<https://gupublic.s3.amazonaws.com/HSLC/HSLCfavicon.ico>';

(Remove the wrapping <>)

Thank you! That worked!