Unable to update the favicon?

:wave: I can’t figure out how to update the favicon.

I’m using Gatsby as framework, and I have installed the manifest plugin, and set it up. Is it possible to update the favicon?

I need to mention that the favicon changes on local version, but not on the published website.

Already tried the method described here, but seems to be a bit updated:

Hi @impressive_cardinal, this is a framework specific configuration so it’s a bit outside the scope of plasmic, but googling turns up this: https://www.codeconcisely.com/posts/how-to-add-a-favicon-to-a-gatsby-site/

I forgot to mention, or maybe was not clear enough, but the favicon changes in the local version of the code, but not on the published one.

Also, I’m using Plasmic hosting to publish the website.

Hi @impressive_cardinal, Plasmic hosting doesn’t support publishing from code bases, you will need to use any dedicated hosting provider such as Vercel or Netlify. Please see https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/publishing-deployments/

We do plan to add favicon customization as a built-in option for plasmic hosting, but using a dedicated hosting provider will unblock you for now and furthermore allow you to use arbitrary code components in your project

Oh, got it. :raised_hands:

Thank you!

I managed to fix this using Vercel :+1: