Unable to use Plasmic with Oxygen hosting

hi @chungwu @yang We will be leaving Plasmic for our Hydrogen installation. As Chung knows, Plasmic pages do not load properly, and until this is fixed, we don’t think Plasmic should be used here. Please let us know if anything changes here because we would like to use the product!

So when you say "Plasmic pages do not load properly" is this within a Hydrogen installation context and not pure Plasmic?

Yes. Chung had looked at it, and unfortunately, Plasmic pages are incompatible with Hydrogen. Maybe it would work with code gen. All Plasmic pages need to be manually refreshed in order to work.

When your hydrogen app is deployed on oxygen, sometimes the incremental builds seem to happen in an edge runtime that doesn’t support eval, which Plasmic relies on to render components fetched at build time :disappointed:

Hi @chungwu Not that we would leave Oxygen hosting (it’s actually pretty nice) but I wonder if we could solve this by hosting on Vercel or Netlify?

The main limitation right now is with edge run times that don’t support eval; deploying on Vercel would work as long as you are not using a similar edge runtime on Vercel.

thanks @chungwu As you may know, Hydrogen 2.0 has moved to use Remix. Do you think this might help?


I haven’t tried it yet, but the issue is with the runtime more than the framework… A Remix app in the node environment would work fine, but not sure about oxygen