Understanding Global Context in Plasmic Studio.

I have a question about the global context, how am I able to use the data in the plasmic studio that was set, I am not able to find any documentation about this topic (the Global context page is rather limited https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/global-contexts/). Thanks

At a lot of searching found a video that uses the feature, were the dataProvider is used: , was not clear that you could set it as globalContext, to be used by the studio. Would love to have some more documentation about this. This is a strong feature.

But here it is still not clear how to acces the context set in the interface, for example with a dropdown.

Hey @ltd_panther, can you set providesData: true in your code component metadata? With this, all data that is provided through a DataProvider will be exposed in the studio

Thanks for your answer, after adding it, I am still not able to use the data in the components.
I want to be able to use the provided features in the screenshot. How am I able to sync the global context settings and the values that are set in the components in the studio thanks

are you trying to access the global context values from a Plasmic component or a code component? Can you paste your code for your global context component?

After some debugging, I indeed forgot to add the data from the props, I was expecting it just overwrites the values, but that was not the case. Thanks for the feedback.