Understanding open source and Studio features.

Hello. Noob here. Trying to understand parts are open source and live in my codebase and what isn’t. A search here said that the Studio is not OS, so:

• I can’t tweak the core UX of the studio experience for my project? Instead, I edit my preset React components that i make available for users to access in the studio. Is that right?
• Is there a way to export artboards as image (jpg, png) or pdf?
• I see pricing plans. Does this mean there is no self-hosting or no way for me to offer multi-tenant yeah?

Hi, the core editor in plasmic studio is not yet open source, currently just the built-in code components and sdks are open source.

But the studio is architected to support custom ui’s, for instance if you wanted to display custom controls in the sidebar or inside modals. The way to do this is indeed by registering your own code components, and on these you can specify custom prop controls, actions, etc.

No way currently to export artboards as images.

Both on prem and multi-tenancy can be discussed with our Enterprise plans, feel free to DM me if you’d like to discuss.

Hey Yang, do you have an on-prem one-time licensing for the product? We would like to use it for one of our websites where the marketing teams (non-coders) can create pages on their own and publish them.