Understanding the data structure

I would like to create a database in Plasmic. As I understand the documentation, Plasmic does not have a “native” solution to create a database. is that correct? I have to access external databases. Assuming I want users to be able to log in, where is the user data stored? In Plasmic or in the external database?

As I understand your need, what is called PLASMIC CMS would fit your need.
It’s the in-house solution for your database.

Go to Plasmic Home, get to your workspace, and click ‘integrations’.
You will see the ‘Content Management Systems (CMS)’ where you can add a database.
After that I have the notion that you have to create ‘Integrations’ to make the usual CRUD operations, but I did not find any useful documentation that would ease the climbing of the learning curve.

Beware what you wish for …

Hello @samuel_schneider.

Plasmic CMS is our native CMS but shouldn’t be used as a database to store user information. We recommend using Supabase as the external database for a more robust and secure solution.