Understanding usage and editing of Radix UI in code component

hi im super new to this so if i import radix ui as a cpde component can i use the radix ui as drag and drop in the editor too? and edit it like a normal component or how does it work?

Hi @glittering_vole! Yes, you can register it as a code component from your codebase, and then be able to drag and drop to use it in your project and style the instances - this is a good starting point: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/code-components/

Wow really? So it works exactly just like the already made components in plasmic (that you dont need to import) changing text and so on? Will there be any differences at all after implementing Radix UI?

It should feel pretty much the same when using the component in studio! You can register the pieces like texts, children, etc as slots and use them normally, e.g. passing different text contents for each instance

Thats great! It will explain in the documentation how to register slots right? I just started, I am 14 years old :smile: is there anything you would recommend me to learn before I start like any type of language?

Yes, you can find the API reference here: https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/code-components-ref/
I would recommend starting with small pieces, so you can feel how it works before working on more complicated code (like first registering just one component / slot / prop and test using it in Studio). And in case you find any issues feel free to reach out on help!

Thank you!