Unsafe https.request causing OOM issue

Is this unsafe version of https.request on the radar to be upgraded? My team uses Gatsby, and because of Plasmic’s usage of this method, it rebuilds all pages on our site :confused: adds a considerable amount to our build time, and contributes to an existing OOM problem we’ve been having (def our fault on that, but this exacerbates it a ton):

That’s basically a limitation of Gatsby, it can’t use the cached data since it can’t know if something changed on Plasmic side (that’s what causes the error). The error may be a bit confusing, basically it’s saying that you can use http(s) requests while building, there’s no versions to be updated :sweat_smile: we have the same issue and it’s getting a bit annoying (we also use Strapi and fetching all the data takes a while) and I’m thinking of migrating to nextJs with incremental static generation

what a bummer! but thanks for the info, that makes sense. i’d love to switch to next.js if we could