Update 16.0.0 failed with Internal Server Error

Hello! I recently tried to publish an update (16.0.0) on this project. I noticed the changes didn’t take, so @ray copied it and did a rebuild. 15.0.0 worked, but 16.0.0 did not. The only info he is able to see says there is an ‘internal server error.’ Can someone please take a look, and see if you can tell what the error is related to? I’m trying to avoid reverting to version 15.0.0 and having to re-do that work. :pray::skin-tone-4:

hmm when exactly do you see the error? is it when you’re publishing from the studio?

When we do a next.js build

I was trying to specify different Plasmic project versions to build

I was wondering if maybe codegen was failing if we got a 500 error on build?

Affects version 16.0.0 and above, but not earlier versions

hmm I just tried this with create-plasmic-app but seems to build (though there’s a hydration error from nested anchor tags :grimacing: )

Let me try it again sorry

Perhaps a temporary outage? Im not totally sure, because it’s working in our main repo again as well. Thanks for the help!