Update/Refactor Plasmic Documentation

Request for an update/refactor of the plasmic documentation. There are some areas needing love. (details in thread)

New features available now for users to discover and use (rich tables, batteries-included layouts) should be represented in the docs - even if it’s just a “coming soon” stub.

Next13 experimental app folder is getting closer and closer to a stable release (rumor is will be in 13.4.0). The Codegen guide currently does not provide instructions for the next App folder. The API explorer has some codegen instructions but they are incomplete and include example code with loader method instead. Finally the CLI will detect the App folder and generate code accordingly, however it lacks instructions even in the generated comments on how you would wrap your root layout in the context provider, it only referrences the old page folder way.

Oh also there is the “integrate into your codebase” modal when you click the “code” button in the top right of plasmic studio. This panel has instructions for the next13 app folder, but only for using the loader. I really want to see these exact same instructions but for codegen and I can’t find them anywhere. I have failed several times to just adapt these loader-based instructions to codegen but have failed with errors each time.

Cc all the @jason ! :hugging_face:

Thanks @evocative_gorilla for the feedback on documentation and Next.js app directory. We’re still working on full support for app directory, but it’s a month or two out.

Thanks. I’m hobbling along with app directory for now but might switch if I want to launch my product before Plasmic catches up.

In the meantime if you know of anyone with a good plasmic + next app directory repo I could look at - it would help me a lot to see exactly how others are implementing the globalcontext, etc in the new root layout. Even if there are bugs, it would be nice to know that I’m at least doing the setup correctly.

Check this example app out: https://github.com/plasmicapp/plasmic/tree/master/examples/nextjs-example

It doesn’t implement global context though, just basic rendering of in app/ directory.

I’ve seen that, thanks. Unfortunately the setup for codegen users like myself is somewhat different from the loader method in your examples.

Ah sorry, codegen is not supported yet. That’s the full support that’s a month or two out.

Understood, thanks

any updates?