Updating an Instance of a Plasmic Component

How do I update an instance of a Plasmic component I created?

Hi Lincoln, could you clarify what are you trying to achieve ? If you mean to customize a component instance, this can be done through variants, props or slots

OK on further investigation …
I have few code components that I use to make a plasmic component with. Then I used that plasmic component as a page template. If I create a couple of new pages I see the plasmic component as expects. Now if I edit that plasmic component, the pages update. All good.

But, I think if I edit a instance, like delete parts it then it will no longer update the remaining parts. Yet you can still “Go to component”:


I guess I’m looking for a “revert to component Page Template” option.
In saying this I seem to remember raising this issue before and that there was a logic workaround.

Sorry, still didn’t fully understood, from what I can see in the image you have the Page Template component, this Page Template component has a Body in a children slot, is the Body the default content of the Page Template ? Are you referring that when you update the Body you would like that Body would be updated in the default content of the Page Template ?

No the complete page template with header top nav above the body. In this instance the header was deleted or doesn’t get updated when I added the header to the main page template.

Is there a rule that you can’t add/edit/delete the content of plasmic component instance, as it will disconnect from the master component?

Could you share images that show the issue or point me to the project ?

Maybe best I isolate the issue and reproduce with clear steps. I’ll get to it soon, but not today.

OK - I created a few NEW pages using this Page Template which is assigned as a “default page wrapper”. But updating the Page Template still doesn’t work.
I’d DM the project to you @fmota but its currently localhost, so can share screen and try deploy in the mean time?

I think I see the issue.
I edit the Page Template instance Body slot in any way like: a text prop value, add a text components, delete the contents of the slot, then it no longer updates the instance when I change the Page Template component.