Uploading images to backend database.

Hi all

Stumbled across Plasmic on Reddit and must say it is incredible.

I am working on a basic website, the premise is the user signs in then answers a questionnaire. I am using text input forms for the majority of the questions which is great as I can use the ‘default component’ → ‘data entry’ → ‘form’. However, I am wondering if there is anyway to allow the user to upload images to my backend database (s3 bucket)?

I would like them to be able to upload an image from file (whether that be hard drive or camera roll on mobile) and give it a title then upload.

Is this something that is possible?

Many thanks in advance!

Yes, but the image will be a Base64 string. AFAIK plasmic can’t directly send blob files anywhere.

Thanks Tom. What component would I use to allow a user to upload an image as described above?

You should be able to find an Upload component in the insert menu, do you see that?

@even_vole You can create a traditional HTML form which lets you specify enctype multipart, if that’s what you want:



Thanks Yang. @encouraged_peacock