Use case for Plasmic and what happens if it goes away

Hey all. Ran across Plasmic a few months ago and have had it bookmarked to check out at a later. I’m looking for examples of other’s processes that may be similar to mine.

I’m a web dev/digital specialist at a medium-sized communications/PR firm. We work with local and regional companies with 20-500 employees, NPOs, and local government initiatives. Not a lot of dynamic information, outside of blog and news updates and events. A few B2B/long funnel eComm sites, virtually no retail though. We currently have a very refined design and development process using exclusively WordPress/Divi. My interests in Plasmic are: increase efficiency and fidelity to design in the handoff to development; increased security and site speed; and maintaining ease of updates for client’s to update their blogs/news, and events.

Also, what does it look like if Plasmic goes away the day after I launch 100 sites utilizing it?

That’s great! I think Plasmic could be a really helpful tool for your use case!

It’s pretty simple to switch between our Headless API and codegen

With codegen, your components are exported into React code that is checked into your git repo,

What you’ve described is essentially our primary use case - you can check out our case studies on the website for details.

If you are newly transitioning from Wordpress to a modern framework with security and speed, I would generally recommend looking at Next.js.

You can use this to spin up a Next.js codebase that’s already fully configured with Plasmic, so that your team can immediately make visual edits:

And as Ray mentioned, while usually you’ll want to use the headless API to enable non-developers to publish changes, you can always eject with codegen.

Thank you for the replies @ray and @yang. I’d love to talk with an agency that is building and managing multiple kinds of WP sites about their full process from design to development through long-term management.

I’m trying to gauge the value of not just Plasmic, but headless WP as a whole. Does it work for all of my clients? Does it add value in the right area for both my design and dev team, as well as the end user?