usePlasmicQueryData in code components re-running on page load

HELP!! I am trying to take advantage of data-fetching in code components…it all seems to be working fine, but for some reason when the page loads, the query from usePlasmicQueryData loads again. Attached a screenshot of the issue. I am logging the data from the query, initially it has a value but then it is set back to undefined - forcing the query to run again.


ah this is a bug, looking

Wow thanks…we’re you able to reproduce it? Happy to share more details if you need. Man spent the entire weekend looking for possible bugs in my code…don’t get me wrong I found plenty but none related to that

could you try updating to latest @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs (if you’re using that) and see if it’s fixed?

seems to be working fine now! :+1: