User Properties object not showing fields

As of last night, there may be an issue with the User Properties object. Although the user properties query is configured and seems to fetch fine (I can preview the data correctly in the user properties query window), the actual object doesn’t have any fields when used in dynamic values.

So anything that relies on using values from it (which is basically everything in my case), no longer works.

No changes have been made on this level on my end, it just stopped working after reloading the project last night and the issue seems to persist this morning. Help?

I was able to reproduce this issue in a new blank project, so it’s not something related to a specific project.

Thank you for reporting. We’re working in a fix!

Hi Andrei, while we work in a fix, could you try “View as anonymous user” then refreshing the page and then trying to view as the user you desire in the meantime so that you can get unblocked, let me know if it works for you

Yes, performing the above worked for me. How did switching to anonymous help? Does it clear some kind of user properties cache or anything?

Anyway, thanks for the quick workaround tip. I can at least continue to work in the project now.

Yes, switching to anonymous removes the currentUser from cache, so refreshing the page allows you to get a clean currentUser which has the properties, we already pushed a fix for it, it should be soon available

Great work, thanks! :beers: