Using Headless API, no customer data entering Plasmic

Hi! New to Plasmic - looks really interesting. Just double checking here, if I am using the Headless API, none of my customer data should enter Plasmic?

My current understanding is it just pulls the component from Plasmic?

That’s correct

So if I want to pul data from my API to load a component, I need to make that API call from with my React/NextJS application.

Do you have an example of that you could point me to?

You can either use the built-in integrations framework:

Or you can do data fetch from your own code components and provide the data to the design

I guess I am having a bit of trouble understanding how the integrations don’t flow through plasmic

The integrations do get proxied through Plasmic today. If you’d like full control, you can go the data fetching components route.

Ok, but as a check for my understanding, if I create a DataProvider component where I fetch data from my API

These sections appear broken btw: