Using interactions to show/hide element doesn't work

I’m using the new interactions feature to show/hide an element based on a state variable.

I default the state variable to false which should render the element hidden, but instead it’s not rendering it at all in the DOM. Is there something I’m missing here?

k the parent component was hidden in the base variant. Showing the parent container in the base variant made the element appear in the DOM when the button is clicked and $state.menuVisible is set to truw.

The element is still showing up as display: none when it goes into the DOM though,

Hey Mike! Dynamic values for visibility don’t modify the display attribute. If the value is evaluated as false, the element shouldn’t appear in the DOM. Is it possible that you override the dynamic value in some other variant?

I can also take a look at your project (just send me a DM with the project ID)

Hmm I’ll triple check and send you a link as well. Thanks!