Using menu in Plasmic with active states, dropdowns, and hover bold

Hi, everyone how can i use a menu in plasmic is there any predefined way and how to have an active state enabled for any menu item clicked and add css based on that and the menu also has dropdowns added to it. e.g if i click on a specific menu item and goes to that page i want that page link in menu bar in bold text and i am not using any codebase only plasmic. can we add dropdowns to navigation bar itself?
Also, i am making the menu link text bold on hover but it cause the navbar to fluctuate is there a way to fix that as well.

Hi, yes, when you are editing a page, anywhere you can specify a dynamic value, you should be able to access the page variable. So you can check to see if it is equal to the path you are interested in, and if so, then display something differently.

For instance, you can create a nav link component that has a variant called active, and you can set this variant to be toggled on whenever that dynamic value is true.

Let me know if that helps