Using Plasmic for individual customer site creation and hosting

Hi everyone, I’m considering using Plasmic as a website builder for customers using my platform. Essentially the idea is each customer using my product can use plasmic to create their own site that gets deployed (and we host it for them). Is this a use-case that anyone here is using or is officially supported? From what I understand we’d basically have to host a plasmic studio instance for each customer ourselves

I’m wanting to do a similar thing but for WebApp and within Health industry.
I have not used the new Open source version of Plasmic Studio and believe I’ll need to use Enterprise licence to achieve this.
Keen to get Plasmic’s view on this.

Sorry, where do you see an open source version of plasmic studio?

It was an early Xmas gift from Plasmic!

Gotcha, I didn’t realize the editor itself was open source. Just wish there was some docs on how to set it up! Might have to give it a browse and investigate

Looks like this person was able to do it but it doesn’t look very easy lol

YEs was goona mention him


Hi, about your use case I didn’t understood, do you plan to have a full version of the studio running on different clouds for each of your customers ?

I plan to have an editor component hosted on my site at where each user can edit their site at and they can deploy the site to their own domain at (we will host it for them on cloudflare pages for example). Similar to how GrapeJS is intended to be used.

The idea is we will have a bunch of custom Plasmic components they can put on their site that let them leverage our backend platform

Yeah, this may be tricky currently as we don’t have an on premise deployment guide, it could involve also white labeling of our platform too which would require an enterprise plan