UX bugs with Embed HTML code editor

I have noticed several issues editing the code property on embedded html elements.

  1. add an Embedded HTML element
  2. click on the Code property
  3. a window shows for editing code

I see an error where clicking on the text results in a cursor in a different position to the mouse click.

Clicking between e and x in example will put the cursor in-between a and n.
The error distance varies on different attempts.

it is not possible to move the cursor to the end of a line of text using right arrow, several letters are inaccessible. This seems to be a similar distance to the issue in A.

backspace removes from a different location to the cursor location shown.

to see the cursor drift in action, just hold down a key and watch the cursor location wrt to letters.

Issue 2:
If you edit the text, then click cancel, I would expect the changes not to be saved. It appears that the change is persisted. Note the property on Embedded HTML isn’t updated, but the changed text is shown when you reopen the editor the next time.

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I have the same problem, i hope it will get fixed soon as i now have to copy my code to a text editor and back all the time.