Vercel templates not working with Shopify integration.

Hey guys! Also new to Plasmic and it looks def intriguing. I stuck pretty much at the same place as Mike above on the checkout experience. I’m trying to integrate beautiful build-in Vercel next commercejs “add-to-card” and checkout. But the problem is the default “vercel commerce theme” you have not working correctly with Shopify integration both landing page and product box modules. Giving 404 error, and no product found. While search is fine showing all the products from Shopify. Not sure what exactly is wrong here. Also if you try to add a new page and select any Vercel templates (landing, product, search) it loads it for a second and then self deletes haha

and yes it works directly on vercel without plasmic (

Hi @commanding_viper, here’s a video of creating a new Plasmic project selecting the Vercel Commerce theme, and publishing to Vercel (same as you would get if you ran create-plasmic-app).

Is there a specific Plasmic project you’re seeing issues in?

Do you see the issue if you try using a brand new create-plasmic-app? That can help us narrow down to whether the issue is specific to your codebase.

yep that’s the default state, try updating this with any other shopify storefront and it crashes

Hmm, I’m still not able to repro, I just tried changing the Shopify to a different storefront and it works:

Can you share more details? What do you mean by it crashes?

Can you try just deleting everything on the page and inserting just a Product Collection?