Viewing page view limit in Plasmic.

Hi, can somebody help me. I’m choosing pricing plasmic for my company. And how do I view page view limit in plasmic. I can’t see it any where?

Hi @pioneering_hookworm! We are not currently enforcing page views. Once we start doing it, you will be able to see it in the dashboard

Do you have a specific plan for that? What will happen if the pages or UIs I created are exceeded the view limit. It may affect our company’s operations and that’s not what I want @tiago

Hi @pioneering_hookworm, once page views are enforced, the only thing you’ll be blocked from doing is publishing new versions of your project. Nothing will impact your live production site.

Ok, that means page view limit only effects publishing new versions. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
Example:In the first month: If I have 3 published pages and the total pages views are greater than the page view limit, then I can’t publish a new version in the first month.
In the second month: the pages views limit resets and I can publish a new version until the page view limit is exceeded. And This is true for other the next month! That’s right. @yang

@yang can you reply to @pioneering_hookworm I also have the same doubt