Warning using codegen with input fields, even without overrides

Hello, I have a warning in my plasmic codegen export I can’t trace in my project, errors happens also with or without the input fields overrides I have on the page (simple signup form).

Warning: You provided a valueprop to a form field without anonChangehandler. This will render a read-only field. If the field should be mutable usedefaultValue. Otherwise, set either onChangeorreadOnly.

Also same pages misses from the export one import line for an image inside a component that is given as a prop inside the default content of a slot.

This I expect from forms where there are input fields. Have you wired an onChange handler on every input field (even if hidden)? I would take a look at which input field the warning is complaining about and try to trace it back to the component that instantiates it. If you share the code with me I can take a look too.