Web content not deploying correctly.

Need to update our web content and for some reason i will not deploy. Would like to have a chat with someone who knows about certainly.io web :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, would you mind sharing some details about what is the issue you are seeing?

Hi, of course, I have our login to the url https://studio.plasmic.app/projects, and I can find the pages and article I want to update with new content (primarily text right now), since this is pri1. And later I will need to update pictures and video as well going forward. But in an urgent matter it’s all about txt.
In the attached files you will find the interfaces i meet.
What I’ve managed is to find the pages write the new copy in the article/page, then I press Publish. However I can see the txt I want in the backend system, but it doesn’t get deployed to frontend.
Any good ideas how to proceed and get this working for us?

Hi Yang
can you help me out here?