WebM video not supported in Plasmic

are WebM videos not supported in Plasmic?

They should be. Are you encountering any issues?

I have as well a concern with videos. I’m going to create a website for a video production studio. Guess, the Plasmic - Agency Website template should fit fine. However, I’m not sure if it’s possible to embed videos at the “services” page the way I want. Namely:
A grid of promotional videos from the YouTube channel should be embedded on the page. It should have the same look as the video grid found in 2d animation services examples section. In other words, it should be accessible for both at web page preview and for passing to YouTube playback.
I’m now uncertain about how to incorporate it into the chosen template design or should I chose another template? I’m writing here cause I haven’t found another thread about embedding videos after searching the forum. (Except, this old one non-answered)
Any suggestions as for the template to creating the page with the video grid that was described? I would greatly appreciate any guidance or tutorial on how to embed it, as I’m noob in web design and coding.