Website deployment issues and mobile version discrepancies

My website isn´t deploying correctly.
Any tips?

Also the mobile version is a little bit off although it looks good in the editior

Having the same issue here

We will be investigating what is happening, this issue shouldn’t be so harmful, it only may take a bit longer for the UI present in the studio to appear in the hosting

I changed my name server from godaddy to cloudfare and added a CNAME record targetting the www.domain with the root domain as alias. After that, there seems to be a little issue when it comes to hosting. I could open the www. site after it propagated but when i try to open the same site on mobile, it says too many redirects. Not sure if the issue is the addtional cname or if i’ve messed something up with plasmic hosting

This is happening because of a missing overflow, by setting overflow or wrap, you should have it fixed

Hi Lucas, you issue is somewhere in your domains provider by trying to access either or I get 308/301 http responses indicating that both resources should be redirected to , thus why you have a infinite redirect error, you keep trying to go infinitely through redirects

For the /api/revalidate it seems it was caused by a dns caching issue

Hey, I also changed my DNS to point to plasmic.
Therefore I was resetting my DNS and added the cname.
Now I can only access the www. site not the og domain