Website won't load properly.

Hi, Im kind of new to plasmic, i created a website and published it to github and connected my domain with the github page but when i access the website, this comes up. Does anyone know how to solve this?

Hi, do you have a homepage route at /? If you didn’t have this, then a default homepage is supplied at index.tsx, which you also need to remove

do you mind walking me through that process, i dont see it

In your plasmic project, if you go to the page that you are expecting to be the homepage, in the page data tab on the right, what do you see as the path set there?

And, in your code base, remove the pages/index.tsx file

this is what I see when I click my homepage

and these are the only pages in my codebase

Hmm, then you shouldn’t be seeing that page… Did you commit, push, rebuild / redeploy your codebase?