Weird error when running "plasmic watch"

Setting up codegen mode for the first time and getting a weird error when I do plasmic watch:

andys@Pihi app % plasmic watch
Project 'plasmic-cms'@6.19.0 is already up to date; skipping. (To force an update, run again with "--force")
Updating project 'Osito' to latest
Fixing import statements...
Warning: watch only works for projects with version="latest". Ignoring hjKYmYi6HMwK6TRyk7ew5R

The weird thing is that I don’t have any project with id hjKYmYi6HMwK6TRyk7ew5R in my Plasmic account so I’m not sure what this is referring to. Any ideas?

Looks like this is related to plasmic-cms

      "projectId": "hjKYmYi6HMwK6TRyk7ew5R",
      "projectApiToken": "L5kqyh9xqKCqpdc8gqCglVcLZTxdkkP1Dt9pLUlWpyKVItIbbXr5272ePgMpZZiezhSe0AIOuQB353jQnw",
      "projectName": "plasmic-cms",