What database works best with Plasmic?

@gabrielpessoa What Database works the best with Plasmic?

What kind of project are you trying to build with plasmic?

If you are looking for a cms to power a website, the plasmic CMS is currently pretty bare-bones and simple, but you also should be able to work with other major CMS platforms like sanity, contentful, strapi, and others, including using the built-in integrations.

If on the other hand you are looking for a true database to power a web application where creates/updates/delites are also happening by authenticated users, then that depends a lot more on your specific application. Something like firebase or supabase or appwrite or amplify gives you a complete stack including authentication and client-side apis. If you are already bought into something like plasmic, then these are probably the most philosophically aligned in terms of minimizing code you must write and maintain.

You can also roll your own database with traditional choices like postgres and mysql, where you are offering your own API backend endpoints. This is what we do for a plasmic itself for instance. And then there are things in between like planetscale.

Thanks @yang this project is for a web application that solves a problem in the organic farming sector. I want to use Plasmic to build an MVP so it sounds like supabase might be the way to go for a DB.

We are responding to an RFP from the USDA and if awarded I plan to purchase the “Growth” membership and build out the full application using Plasmic.